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To: The Government of Egypt

Egypt: Standing up for Mozn Hassan

Egypt: Standing up for Mozn Hassan

We ask the government of Egypt to stop the targeting and harassment of Mozn Hassan and all others due to their legitimate and peaceful human rights advocacy. We call on the government

● To immediately lift all arbitrary and unduly restrictive measures that prevent Mozn Hassan and other WHRDs from conducting their human rights advocacy

● To stop imposing travel bans in an attempt to destabilize legitimate human rights advocacy

● Provide an enabling environment for all women human rights defenders and activists in Egypt to exercise their rights guaranteed under the Egyptian Constitution and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Egypt is a party to.

Why is this important?

To many in Egypt and beyond, Mozn Hassan is an influential feminist activist who has generously shared with our global community her aspirations, vision and strategies for a just and equal world. We acknowledge Mozn’s meaningful contributions to the global gender justice struggle and celebrate who she is and her activism.

On June 27 2016, Mozn Hassan was banned from traveling by an order from the General Prosecutor in relation to Case No. 173 of 2011, commonly known as “the NGO Foreign Funding Case”. In 2011 the Egyptian government began to look into the foreign funding and registration of civil society organisations under Law 84, a draconian law which imposes unduly restrictions on civil society operations. Travel bans are not a new tactic but are routinely invoked by the government to suppress dissenting voices and attempt to silence the women’s rights movement in Egypt, amongst others.

Mozn’s women’s rights advocacy at national, regional and international level is widely acclaimed. She is the founder and Executive Director of Nazra for Feminist Studies (Nazra). Nazra advocates for legal and policy reform for gender equality in Egypt and providing psychosocial support for survivors of violence. Mozn is also one of the co-founders and the North Africa advisor of the MENA Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition established to provide collective and regional responses to violations, risks and threats women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in the MENA are experiencing. Additionally, Mozn regularly engages regularly with UN mechanisms to hold the government of Egypt accountable to its international human rights obligations.

We are saddened that Mozn cannot be with us at the AWID Forum. Mozn has been heavily involved as a dedicated member of the planning committee that undertook strategic decisions pertaining to the AWID Forum. Mozn was also invited to speak at, and participate in several sessions at the AWID Forum to share her experiences, help us grow as strong feminist activists and share laughs.

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Reasons for signing

  • Gender equality is the only path forward for a stable, peaceful, and prosperous society. Misguided attempts to suppress its develpment will hold back Egypt and its relationships internationally. It is in the Egyptian governments best interests to support the development of all its people if it wants to be a world player.
  • cause i do believe that "NGOs not criminals".
  • IANGEL stands with Mozn Hassan


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