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To: U.S. women and allies fighting to protect our environment and demand justice

Stand Up for Women's Rights & Demand the United States deliver Climate Justice NOW!

Photo credit: Annabelle Avril

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear around the new U.S. Administration especially in regards to women’s rights and climate justice. But we, as women from around the world in all of our diversity, are more determined than ever.

On January 21st, 2017, the day after the U.S. presidential inauguration, thousands of women will gather for the Women’s March on Washington in Washington D.C. and around the country to stand up for women’s rights.

Today, we call on you to join the Women’s Environment and Development Organization (WEDO) and the Women for Climate Justice Contingent in adding your voice and helping us carry this message of environmental justice to the country’s capital and beyond.

The names of the signatories of this petition will be written on a Women for Climate Justice banner and carried in solidarity throughout the 2017 Women’s March on Washington to amplify our demands and highlight our commitment to climate justice.

We stand collectively to:

- Denounce climate denialism and extractive economies
- Reject the rule of the fossil fuel industry
- Demand a just transition towards a renewable energy future
- Call for an intersectional approach in all climate actions
- Demand gender responsive climate policy and action
- Demand the United States and other developed countries lead on reducing emissions

We ask for justice, we ask for equality. We are feminists, the climate activists.

Why is this important?

The reality of climate change demands our immediate attention - Its impacts are irreversible, happening here and now with women and girls being disproportionately affected. But women and girls are also on the frontlines of climate solutions and change. We need the new U.S. Administration to recognize, respect and uphold women’s rights, indigenous people’s rights, the rights of our communities, in all climate actions.

For over 25 years, WEDO has been working at the intersection of women’s rights and the environment. Through technical advocacy, leadership trainings, capacity building, and research WEDO continues to work with allies, networks, and partners to ensure a just and sustainable future for all.

We will never give up on mobilizing for gender equality, demanding climate justice, and advocating for a healthy and peaceful planet.

To learn more about WEDO:

To learn more about the Women for Climate Justice Contingent and how to join:

To learn more about the Women's March on Washington:

Reasons for signing

  • power of women
  • We have come too far to turns all of our accomplishments away. He doesn't want anyone to hold him accountable that is why he is trying to do away with the agency against women's violence
  • More of the negative effects of climate change affect women


2017-02-08 15:08:22 -0500

Thank you for being part of our campaign - We invite you to keep mobilizing and keep resisting. Below are three actions you can take today:

1. This is the #NoDAPL last stand! Join the urgent WORLDWIDE CALL to take action today - Wednesday, February 8th. #RiseWithStandingRock #GrowTheResistance
- Worldwide Call:
- Take Action Now:

2. Join the Women for Climate Justice (WCJ) contingent at the 2017 People’s Climate March (PCM) on Saturday, April 29th.
- WCJ Facebook:
- PCM Website:

3. Stay up to date on additional actions, resources, and ways to engage by checking out WEDO’s website, Facebook, and Twitter.
- WEDO Website:
- WEDO Facebook:
- WEDO Twitter: @WEDO_worldwide

We are more determined than ever.

#WomenClimateJustice | #Resistance | #PeoplePower

2017-01-20 23:17:35 -0500

Tomorrow we will march alongside activists and allies committed to the protection of women's human rights, demanding racial, social and economic justice, the rights of indigenous peoples, and protection of our lands, food, air and water- for a peaceful and healthy planet for all. This is a moment for intersectional movement building, and in a time of urgent crises, we are more determined than ever. Many of you walk with us, in person and in spirit. The names of 121 women are written on our banner. You will be with us tomorrow, and the next day. #womensmarch #womenclimatejustice

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