We're excited to introduce the MANIFESTA campaigning and organizing platform at the 2016 AWID forum. It's a new platform built for gender justice and feminist activists to start, run and win their own campaigns. AWID's thematic focus on building collective power for rights and justice provides the ideal venue to introduce MANIFESTA.

What do you want to change?

Our shared vision is for a world free of inequalities, where human rights are respected and where all girls, women, transgender and gender non-conforming people can participate fully and effectively in the decisions that affect their lives. MANIFESTA provides the digital tools and support to enable activists to achieve their goals - both at the grassroots and global levels.

Building support from your community

MANIFESTA is designed and built to increase collective power, visibility and impact for the global feminist movement. Activists can run their own campaigns and build a powerful global community of like-minded gender justice and women’s rights supporters .

Why did we build MANIFESTA?

We saw a huge gap! On existing campaign sites we saw that feminist and gender justice campaigns were few and far between - plus they are hard to find. We decided to create our own platform where we could see and support each other's campaigns, and build a powerful community of supporters.